Meet The Teacher:

Welcome to Mrs. Lisa's Terrific Trustworthy Turtle Webpage:

My name is Mrs. Lisa S. West.  I thought it would be interesting to include a little bit about myself in this web page. It is not uncommon for a parent to tell me they didn't know this or that about me, so here is your chance to learn all about me!

I am happily married to my true best friend, Jerry.  I have one wonderful stepson, Jesse, who resides now in Louisville, KY.   For now, Jerry and I just share our home with two HUGE 20+ pound house cats named Socks and Tigger.  (I think one day I should write children's books about their adventures in this house---never a dull moment! The cats seem to rule the house and just let us live there. :)

I have been teaching for FOURTEEN years. I taught my first year in a second-third split classroom here at Monticello School with 24 students. I survived that big challenge my Intern year and grew along with my students! The rest of my thirteen years have been solely in the grade I love most of course, 2nd grade!  My favorite part of teaching is reading the 2nd grade literature with my students and watching that love for reading "blossom" within them as well. 

In my spare time I enjoy art and painting, learning new technology, reading, jewelry making, crafts, shopping, traveling, and spending time with my family. I am very BLESSED with the love of my family, and I am THANKFUL and CHERISH every day I have with them!

I am fortunate that my mother and father are still living and residing here in Monticello.  My dad is a retired carpenter of over 40 years experience, and my mom is a retired factory worker with more than 30 years of work experience.  I love and cherish them dearly! I can not imagine my life without their calls and support each day.  They both inspired me to work hard in life and NEVER give up on anything. NEVER say "I CAN'T" and always say "I CAN"!
My parents taught me the most VALUABLE thing in my life will always be my Christian faith. I know God is with me and all my students in learning each day. I pray each day that God will lead me to help EACH of my students learn and grow to love school while feeling safe here.

As well,  I love my church family.  Jerry and I  are members of First Baptist Church here in Monticello and, we recently began an adventure of teaching Kindergarten in Sunday School.  (I am learning in this field---much different activities than my 2nd graders :)

One of my greatest joys is reading and instilling that love of reading in ALL children. It is a known fact that my "happy place" is in the recliner by our fireplace. Set me up with a big cup of McDonald's iced caramel coffee or home made hot chocolate and a few good books and I am happy for hours! It is my hope that every child leaves my classroom with an AMAZING excitement and LOVE for reading too.

As a child I LOVED reading. My mom use to read to my nursery rhymes as a young child, and that instilled a LOVE of reading in my heart.  My favorite books were Little Golden Books, Dr. Seuss books, Berenstein Bears books, and later Nancy Drew mysteries.  My most favorite book of all time became "Little Women" in middle school.  

Step into my classroom and you will also see my obsession of children's literature books too! My favorite child authors are Max Lucado with his books like "You Are Special" and "The Cribbled Lamb", Eric Carle books like "The Grouchy Ladybug" and "The Foolish Tortoise", Gertrude Chandler's series of "The Boxcar Children", and many Jan Brett books.

My favorite adult authors are Joel Osteen, Charles Stanley, Danielle Steele, Irene Hannon, and Nora Roberts.  I love to read any of their books, and I love my SNOW DAYS with a good book,snow ice cream,  and tasty hot chocolate.

Remember, one is NEVER too old to find that love of reading.  Books can take us ANYWHERE in our imaginations and make ALL the world a happier and more exciting place.  So remember to please READ, READ, READ with your child each night.  Together we will make each child a reading success!  :)

P. S.  My students and I love turtles in our classroom.  At home, Jerry and I love Thomas Kinkade prints, items, and his books. I also love Fred Thrasher prints, Boyd bears, Longaberger baskets, old quilts, and many primitive items in my home! I am still a kid at heart and love cutesy new and old country things. I absolutely love making teaching about pioneer days and making fun country crafts and projects with my students too especially at Christmas!  And...of course I LOVE jewelry as I often hint to my sweet, caring husband. ;)

***Look for MANY great websites for learning in all Second Grade subject areas coming soon to my TURTLE WEBPAGE!  You all come back now soon, you hear! ;)  ***